349px-Proton torpedos

Proton Torpedoes Firing

The Proton Torpedo is a type of projectile ordnance.

Proton torpedoes come in a wide array of sizes and yields; from massively powerful capital ship weapons designed for orbital bombardment, to small but nimble fighter-grade weapons. A number of torpedo designs are shielded to protect them from being shot down either by skilled pilots or the target's defensive flak guns.

Small starfighters often have their laser weaponry complemented by ordnance launchers capable of firing proton torpedoes. The energized torpedoes carry a devastatingly powerful blast, and could be fired at much greater ranges than the standard laser cannon. The torpedoes are exceptionally maneuverable, able to make a 90 degree turn within a turning circle of a meter, enabling them to be used against starfighters.


Proton Torpedo Casing


Proton Torpedo Launcher
- Bonus: +2 to Hit
- Damage: 20 Points

Heavy Proton Torpedo Launcher
- Bonus: +1 to Hit
- Damage: 50 Points